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Call for Abstracts: Weather, Climate, and Health at AAG 2014

A cluster of sessions related to weather and climate impacts on health outcomes is being organized for the 2014 AAG Annual Meeting in partnership with the Climate Specialty Group, the Hazards and Disasters Specialty Group, the Health and Medical Geographic Specialty Group, and the Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group. Topics of relevance include, but are not limited to: heat- and cold-related morbidity and mortality, urban heat island variability and impacts, mortality displacement, climate change and projections, seasonality, influenza, statistical methods, end-user needs. Presentations focused on impacts in both developing and developed countries are welcome; geographic diversity in topics is encouraged. Each of the sessions will feature high-quality research presentations and a structured discussion.
The session organizers and chairs are:
Michael Allen, Kent State University (mjallen176@nullyahoo.com)
P. Grady Dixon, Mississippi State University (grady.dixon@nullmsstate.edu)
David Hondula, Arizona State University (david.hondula@nullasu.edu)
Adam Kalkstein, U.S. Military Academy (Adam.Kalkstein@nullusma.edu)
Scott Sheridan, Kent State University (ssherid1@nullkent.edu)
Jennifer Vanos, Texas Tech University (jennifer.vanos@nullttu.edu)
Interested participants should e-mail a presentation title to David Hondula (david.hondula@nullasu.edu) as soon as possible, and no later than November 15, 2013.
The online abstract submission portal can be accessed at: http://www.aag.org/cs/annualmeeting. The abstract submission deadline is December 3, 2013.


Profiles in Health Geography: Brian Bossak

Brian Bossack

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences,
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health
Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, USA

Brian’s research interests include:

  • climate change and human health,
  • coastal hazards and public health preparedness,
  • disease mapping,
  • spatial epidemiology,
  • water quality, and
  • gene-environment interactions.

Brian is currently Chair of HMGSG.

Brian Bossak earned both a BS and an MA in Geography from the University of Georgia, where he concentrated on geographic techniques (GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry). He then earned a PhD in Geography from Florida State University, where he focused on climatology and natural hazards. His dissertation examined US hurricanes and climate teleconnections, including a GIS analysis. He completed a Mendenhall Post-doctoral Research Fellowships with the US Geological Survey, and worked as a Geospatial Technology Lead in the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He also earned a Master of Public Health in Environmental and Occupational Health at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

Recent research includes a study in which GIS and remote sensing are applied to model inundation from climate change-related sea level rise along the southeastern US coastline. Another project involved collecting private well-water samples and conducting laboratory-based environmental analyses of water quality. A particular area of recent research productivity has been in spatial epidemiology. Since 2009, Brian has authored or co-authored work that has been published in Journal of Urban Health, American Journal of Public Health, PLoS One, Health & Place, Geography Compass, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Medical Hypotheses, and the International Journal of Drug Policy. Brian’s teaching interests extend to public health preparedness, medical geography, global climate change and health, spatial statistics, natural hazards, and remote sensing.

Originally Posted:  March, 2012.

Updated:  April 2013